Hi. Howdy. Hello.

I’m Kate and I love all things stitching – if it involves a needle and thread, I find the beauty and fun in it. After spending years living life, I tripped and face planted in cross stitch.

I’ve always been ‘crafty’ and a bit of art nerd. I dabble in many things but cross stitch is my jam. Living in the sweet heat of Southeast Georgia, you’ll find me either with a hot cup of coffee or a cold cup of Diet Coke. Seriously, I need the caffeine – I hit the ground running everyday being a wife, boymom of three and dogmom of some BIG dogs.

I love dabbling in my yard and playing in the dirt. I actually love to iron clothes. I live to laugh and love the surf and sand. I water my houseplants on a schedule. I keep way too many pillows on my couches. I’m a huge fan of draft light beers and on point chicken wings. This is just the tip of the iceberg – I’m quirky. Stick around and I’m sure you’ll discover this.

For real, stick around. You might like it.

Let’s work together!

Sure, I’m not famous but I’m super fun. With my creative brain and crafty hands, I’m sure we would make a great team. I love a challenge and love making new friends.

Get in touch with me and let’s make magic happen!